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Amazing Swan 57, ready to sail again round the world,

now for sale, €270.000, visible Barcelona. Contact your broker to know more


Sparkman & Stephen's
1978 Swan 57- hull #4

It is an absolute head turner, fully reviewed to race in 2023. All invoices and inspections documented.

An extremely safe boat, ready to take you to join the Swan legend.

Ready to sail away

The boat has been reviewed from A to Z to be able to compete safely in the most extreme areas of the globe.

The renovation covered key structural elements of boat: new rigging, through hull, Inspected and reinforced keel, mast and rudder system. Then key life elements where added: double water maker, multiple energy generation systems. Ending with eased manoeuvre systems: 7 new sails, 12 bunks, revised electronics, hydrolic and pilot. All OGR required equipment on board.

Only training or aestetic improvements are needed if you wanna make better.

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