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The team on White Shadow for the OGR

At core, we are a tight group of Barcelona navigators taken with sailing and adventure.

Then, passionate individuals joined and make the White Shadow crew.

Because difference makes the difference, discover here our (very) different stories and profiles.

Doc Guillermo Canardo


ER doctor who works for the Medical Emergency System. Guillermo has been head of rescue operations in the Mediterranean for three years with the Open Arms NGO.  He is 50 and has single-handedly sailed across the Atlantic in two occasions on the Mini 6.50 Transat regatta. He also teaches World Offshore Sailing’s Safety and Survival at Sea course.


Guillermo is an athlete, and also a doctor, both qualities extremely needed in such an adventure.

Captain JC, Jean-Christophe PETIT


Digital business entrepreneur, 59.

Jean-Christophe has lived across fours continents in the last 30 years, including a year sailing with his wife and kids. He speaks 4 languages fluently, has crossed the Atlantic four times, is a regular offshore racer, and has sailed across the Mediterranean Sea toward Lebanon in support to minorities.


JC hardly gives up and is a racer, always keeping an eye on security and crew welfare. 

Dario Datri White Shadowe


Darío was born in La Pampa, Argentina, 57 years ago, surrounded by fields and deserts, and lives in Buenos Aires. He has spent the last 25 years as a journalist, digital entrepreneur and navigator. He has sailed in the South Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Sea of Cortez, and is also a sailing racer. Darío is hyperactive and very competitive.


On deck he is multitasking in maneuvers and helm. He also knows the boat inside and secrets to the last bolt.

Ingrid Banu rounder on White Shadow

1st mate

Ingrid, 44, has been sailing and racing her whole life, from dinghy to doubled handed offshore, looking forward to leaving the Mediterranean waters.

When not sailing, she works as a psychologist, which is a key asset for the crew, her motto is to take care of every single one, including the boat. For when everyone feels ok, the rest goes ok.

Youngest on Board Tom Dhyser

Media man

With his 23 years, Tom is the youngest man on board. Even though he’s a newbie in terms of sailing, he has dreamed about this race since the day he first saw a boat. True adventurer, he has already travelled to all five continents and more than 12 countries. Parisian architecture and engineering student, he is a fast learner.

Anton White Shadow

Leg 1, 2, 3

Anton, 58, is a confirmed nautical engineer, specialized in mechanics, with sailing experience in the southern seas. He is also a certified captain, diver, and an easy-going guy, all qualities we need on board.


Antón will make sure that the White Shadow engines are running smoothly. 

Pedro Euratia Yannick Evenou White Shadow

Pedro Eurrutia
Communications & Security

Art director and freelance photographer, born in Murcia. 

Pedro is an amateur coastal regatta crew member with no previous experience in offshore sailing. Very attracted to the sea and enthusiastic about learning and discovering.

Guillaume Penot navigator on White Shadow

Guillaume Penot

After a career in the wine industry that took him around the world, Guillaume refocused on his original passion: sailing. With his heart rooted in Brittany, he is also owner of a Super Maramu, that he cruises in the Mediterranean with his wife.


He discovered celestial navigation a couple of years back and is passionate about the possibilities it offers.

Metin White Shadow

Leg 1

Another Mediterranean in the crew, Metin is originally from Turkey, and lives in Barcelona. Solo sailor of 52, he also took his 28 feet from Marseille to Istanbul, discovering blue water sailing, far away from IT and big data he masters when not sailing.

Mariska Whiute Shadow

Leg 1 

Born in Belgium 34 years ago, she moved to Barcelona three years ago. Mariska is an environmental epidemiologist who speaks four languages and is fascinated by mother nature.

She spends most of her free time on the water, combining both rowing and sailing. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, she is embarking with full energy on this great adventure.

Nico Vienne in action on White Shadow

Leg 1 & 2

Nicolás grew up in Catalonia and sails on many supports. He is known in the sailing competition environment, where he performed on laser and J80. Currently studying Pharmacy, Nicolás, 24, also teaches sailing.

He joins us between Europe and Cape Town for our first leg around the world.

Octave Petit White Shadow

Leg 1

A young Barcelona architect and musician of 28, Octave has also been an offshore sailor for years. His fine touch of the helm brings an additional value, especially for crossing complicated seas as the one leg 1 offers. He is also "the eye" of the team, making sure our design is coherent.

Perrine White Shadow

Leg 2

Perrine is a 32 years old sail master, passionate of the sea. Initially trained for tapestry, she moved into sail-building 10 years ago. She is curious, pays attention to detail, and looks forward to bringing this to the boat and to acquire a unique offshore sailing experience.

Emile Petit White Shadow

Leg 3

Surfer and sailor, Émile learned how to read and write on a sailboat, at age 5.

Engaged in the 6.50 mini Transat in 2023 on his boat Atapi, with 30 years old, he is looking forward to sharing a leg on White Shadow to accomplish his big dream: sailing the South Pacific and rounding Cape Horn.

Gregoire Comby White Shadow

Leg 3

Another "made in Mini 6.50" crew member, Grégoire, 53, has crossed the Atlantic 3 times.

A talented handy man, Grégoire also has a talent to make the boat sail fast and to cheer up everybody with good food.

Those additional qualities will be highly appreciated on White Shadow.


Leg 2

Italian form Naple, Roberto met JC as competitor in Transquadra 21, then became friend.

Sharp race man, Roberto always brings a smile on his face and bring enthousiasm on board, A qwuality we need to approach the roaring 40s.

Jacques Vienne White Shadow

Leg 2

Jacques, 60, dropped everything the day he heard about the White Shadow project.

Amateur of racing on old boats (St Tropez week, Cannes Royal races) he also races on First 31.7 and J80. Sailing teacher, he lived in Catalonia, and is looking forward to riding the southern Indian waves.

Yannick Evenou White Shadow
Yannick Evenou White Shadow

Leg 3

Yannick, 59 years old, is a winemaker in Bordeaux. He has created a wine estate based on a collaborative model in the same spirit as the White Shadow project where many people from different countries and cultures come together.

He raced numerous Atlantic crossings, 3 solo Figaro races. He has not yet navigated the Great South, a kind of Graal that he will love to discover with that project.

Djemila tassin White Shadow

Leg 3

Born in the Canary Islands from Belgian parents 28 years ago, Djemila has grown side to side with the ocean. A passion that comes from her early memories sailing in the Atlantic. She is a skipper and an oceanographer, and just completed her first Mini Transat. Sailing, she is a profoundly enthusiastic person, always seeing beauty in every cloud or wave. 

Marion White Shadow

Leg 4 

Marion, 36, is Colombian-German and speaks Spanish, German, English and French. In Barcelona since 2016, she is a graphic designer. She sailed over 5,000 miles and has a 38 footer that she is restoring.


She is passionate about celestial navigation.

Fatima White Shadow

Leg 4

Fátima is an adventurer of 40, both on land and at seas. Relentless, she does not give up, and practices sports on a pretty regular basis.
When not at sea, Fátima is a translator and a happy mother of a young girl. Currently living in Portugal, although born in Spain, she cultivates an open-mindedness that federates us all on board.

Valerie White Shadow

Leg 4

Valerie is a pro skipper when not on White Shadow. She has been training 3 years for the OGR for the Nakamal project that did not reach the start lane, and will contribute in brilliantly crossing the finish line with White Shadow.

Antoine Comby White Shadow

Leg 4

Dentist from Bordeaux, Antoine is a familly man in a familly of sailors. 

He crossed the Atlantic and often skips his wife and kids for familly cruises. 

Always with positive attitude, Antoine will assist running the last leg at best.


Leg 4

With Greek origins, French living in Barcelona, Ugo completes our mediteranean crew.

Very meticulous, Ugo takes care of victualing for the last leg.

anna White Shadow


Anna is Italian with 47 years old. As a biologist, she worked in Canada, Germany and Spain, where she manages a project for studying ocean plankton (and will bring some instruments on board!).

Relentless supporter of the team, she is in our soul, even when not on board.



Key to the crew, Vicens became member as we accumulated miles around the world. He is our contact omn earth through the short wave radio, capable to reach us anywhere on the globe, from Mediterranean where he is based to equador or Horn Cape. 

Without him, White Shadow would not be White Shadow.

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