Train with us


We are preparing to sail around the world as participants in the Ocean Globe Race. We have started our training and we have opened a few places so that you can live the experience of sailing in a 1978 Swan 57, learn about safety at sea, watch routines, equipment, maneuvers and much more.
A unique opportunity with a unique boat and crew.

Our training program has 3 levels and different dates for each level, to access you must have some previous nautical "experience".

We leave and arrive in Barcelona and the training lasts 6 days.

If you are interested you can write to
and we will give you more details.

There are few seats!

Start days

Sept. 9/9/22 


In Level I we introduce the basic knowledge of sailing and good seamanship practices as well as personal safety techniques.
Knowledge of the basic techniques allows the crew member to develop her full seafaring capacity.


  • knots

  • Nautical nomenclature and sailboat parts

  • candle operation

  • types of sailboats

  • Crew member evaluations

Practical classes

  • Safety equipment

  • Man to water

  • Sailing directions

  • knots

  • technical clothing

  • Life jackets and rafts

  • standing orders

  • sailboat review


  • Duration: 6 days

  • Sailing time: 5.5 days

  • Theoretical talks on land: 0.5 days

Hands-on learning

  • Start the sailboat to the sound of the sea

  • Raising and lowering of sails

  • Sail folding and care

  • Tack ahead and jibe

  • Taking reefs Headsail changes

  • Man to water

  • steer the sailboat

  • Logbook entries

  • Life jackets and rafts

  • Use and care of life jackets

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